Affirmations for Self Love & Confidence

Affirmations for self love and confidence are the key to changing your life.  We all actively hold ourselves back constantly in our daily lives.  Whether you realize it or not, you talk yourself down and get in your own way often.  Utilize these affirmations to build your self up and permanently re-write your internal dialogue.

But there is absolutely a way to break this terrible habit.  You can learn to love yourself deeply and have intrinsic confidence by using affirmations. 

Our subconscious mind dictates our reality.  And unfortunately, many of us have a subconscious that was marred with trauma, stress, and lies that we were told from a very young age. 

But affirmations can rewire and “reprogram” your subconscious mind.  Use these affirmations for self love and confidence often and watch your self love and self esteem blossom.  If you’re new to affirmations, check out What is an Affirmation? and if you need more ideas on how to use these affirmations, check out How to use an Affirmation?

Building self confidence starts with keeping promises to yourself.  It’s really that simple.  Learn to show up for yourself, and watch how powerful you become.  

Show up for yourself, be dependable to yourself.  Prove in your own mind that you are worthy of effort, and put that effort into something you love.  

I enjoy order, aesthetics, and beauty.  So I choose to show up for myself and those around me in a way that creates more beauty.

Many of us have a hard time honoring our own voice.  This can be challenging to overcome, and most likely is holding you back in so many aspects of your life.  

Use this affirmation as a reminder that you, and you alone are responsible for defending yourself, representing yourself, and expressing yourself to those around you.  

You deserve just as much space as every other person in the room.  You are worthy of your voice, and should always speak up for yourself.

I have always loved the idea of Queens.  Ever since I was a little girl, the idea of being a Queen resonated with me.  It is everything good about being a woman, an idealized version.  

As I grew, I realized we are all Queens, all deserving of that effort, luxury, and beauty.  You don’t have to earn it, you already are it.

Embrace this beautiful image  and remind yourself daily that you are a Queen.  Remember your crown.

Self confidence and self love come from proving to yourself that you are worthy of the same attention, love, and affection that you show everyone else in your life.

You must make an active effort to love yourself and care for yourself every single day.  And when your subconscious tries to lie to you, and tell you how unworthy of the time and effort you are, use this affirmation as a reminder. 

You are absolutely worth showing up for, and putting effort into the things that you love and bring you joy.  Choose to show up for yourself every day, and for those that you love.

When we are young, our idea of the world is told to us by the adults in our lives.  We carry this story into our own adulthood, oftentimes without realizing it is not reality.  

And this causes a lot of people to pursue careers, relationships, and hobbies that do not bring them joy.  They do it because they were once told this is what good people do, or this is what successful people do.

Make it a daily intention to live your life exactly the way you want to.  Be clear with what brings you joy and fulfillment and live that way every day.

At the end of the day, you are the only person that can make you happy.  Other people can bring you joy, but they cannot make you happy.  

It is your responsibility alone to ensure your happiness is tended to.  Ask yourself often, does this make me happy, does my life make me happy?  

Choose to include only the things that bring you peace, joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.

One of my most important daily intentions, is meditating on my own beauty and that of the world around me.  I take time to relish in the order and peace of my environment.

By focusing on the beauty in my life, I attract more beauty.  I feed into the essence of my psyche, and in return my world and myself reflect that same beauty.

Look for only the things you want more of and focus your attention there.  

Self confidence comes from self appreciation and understanding.  You must first learn to honor yourself in the way that feeds your soul.  

Including beauty and art in my life, truly feeds my soul and inspires me.  I choose to surround myself with art as a reminder of the beauty that lies within me.  

Use this affirmation as a reminder that you are a work of art.

The way we present ourselves can have huge consequences on our success, happiness, and fulfillment.  Pouring into your appearance may seem vain and shallow, but that is not the case.

You are allowed to improve your appearance in any way you see fit.  By creating an image you like, you invest in yourself and once again prove your own worth.

Make sure to always choose clothing that makes you feel good and look good.  It will instantly boost your confidence.

Your appearance is a reflection of yourself.  That is what makes us all so beautiful and so unique.  Do not be afraid to show yourself through your wardrobe and appearance.

By reinforcing your own self image, you create a well of internal approval and confidence.  If you can make yourself happy, you no longer need to rely on others to bring you peace of mind.

Choose clothing that brings you joy and fulfillment, and you will be a joyous and fulfilled person.

Many of us fall back on fitness and exercise as a forced measure.  We use it as a means to a end.  But physical activity can do so much to build your self confidence, outside of just weight loss benefits.

Use this affirmation as a reminder to move your body in ways that bring you pleasure, not just to break a sweat and burn some calories.  Choose activities that grow the areas of yourself that you love.  

When we’re busy or stressed, the first thing we lose is our self care.  It’s okay, we all do it.  But caring for your physical body and self is absolutely fundamental, no matter what else is going on in your life.

Physical self care is critical to self love and self confidence.  You must show yourself that you are worthy of the most basic sustenance and care.  This it the first building block of self confidence is your physical well being.

Use this affirmation to start the process of building self confidence and self love.

Become your dream self by reprogramming your subconscious mind with these affirmations for self love and confidence.