Build an Abundance Mindset

Learn to build an abundance mindset with these simple tips.  You can change your mind and change your life with these easy tips and abundance mindset exercises.

Our world is full of infinite possibilities.  We have no clue what tomorrow will bring us.  Yet so many always look for the negative, focusing on fears and worries.  But that negative mindset is a breeding ground for unhappiness, frustration, and jealousy.  

Believing the world is a finite place, and that only a few can have what you want is called a scarcity mindset.  If you maintain this mindset you will continue to be stuck and dissatisfied with your life.  Learn more about what an Abundance Mindset is and how it can give you the life of your dreams in our other post Meaning of an Abundance Mindset.

But do not worry, because you can absolutely change your mindset to one of abundance.  It isn’t easy, but with practice and consistency you can re-frame your thoughts and start living the life you’ve dreamed of.  

build an abundance mindset

Keys to an Abundance Mindset

A key to creating the world and life you want is to start living it yourself.  Try to become what you want more of in the world, and start seeing the universe return it back to you.  If you want the world to become more giving, start giving, sharing, and donating.  Be as generous as you can as often as you can.  

And remember you can give more than your money, you can give compliments, attention, and time.  You can share a meal with friends, donate work clothes to a women’s shelter, or even help your grandma organize her garage.

build an abundance mindset

If you have those in your life that constantly focus on the negative and live in the scarcity mindset, be strong for them.  Model positivity and abundance for them.  You’ll be surprised how quickly they will follow in your footsteps and reflect a more abundant outlook back to you.

If they start to complain, redirect them to a positive.  You’ll be surprised how much negative thoughts simply become a habit.  And if you can break the habit, you can embrace a new mindset that supports your happiness.

Celebrate the success of others every chance you get.  Instead of being jealous, congratulate people on their wins and achievements.   

Embrace the happiness and joy of anyone succeeding.  As soon as you start embracing happiness for those around you, you’ll see the life-affirming effects in your own life.

Exercises for an Abundance Mindset

I highly recommend practicing meditation, affirmations, and other habits that help you learn to control your thoughts and harness your subconscious mind.  Future-self authoring and journaling (with a focus on gratitude) can help you guide your thoughts towards abundance.

Every time you feel the urge to complain, talk about something you do have or enjoy, instead of something you don’t have or want.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you lose interest in shopping when you start to enjoy the things you already have in your life. 

Learn to be grateful for every friend and family member, every possession and luxury.  I highly recommend the Konmari Method, where you learn to appreciate your possessions and honor them with care.

Take care of your house, take pride in its appearance and keep your areas clean and tidy.  Practice appreciation of your current status and lifestyle and remember how hard you’ve worked to get where you are.

build an abundance mindset

Also, I recommend limiting or completely eliminating social media (especially if you suffer from comparisons).  A social media detox can break a lot of negative self talk in a short time because you no longer have unrealistic standards to hold yourself to. 

As we mentioned earlier, the key to an abundance mindset is the win-win situation.  Odds are you can make most situations into a win-win for everyone involved.  We don’t need to create winners and losers all the time, instead we can make sure that everyone gets what they need.

Affirmations for Abundance Mindset

I have put together an entire post of affirmations to help develop your abundance mindset.  They also cover money, wealth, and prosperity.  You can find those here.  

But I also developed a few specific ones just for building and maintaining a belief in the abundance universe below.