Affirmations for Self Confidence

Affirmations for self confidence are perfect for every day use. Reinforcing your self worth and developing your individual spirit will help you be a stronger more courageous person, but also create more opportunities in your life.  

Affirmations can help you become or achieve anything.  They are powerful statements used to bolster and strengthen your abilities and talents.  If you are new to affirmations check out What is an Affirmation and How to Use an Affirmation to learn more.

Self confidence is a huge issue for the majority of people.  We doubt our talents and abilities every second of the day.  Nearly 1 in five people suffer from anxiety.  And deepening your internal well of self confidence can be a great tool for someone who faces social anxiety or personal anxiety.  Learning how to look within for acceptance and strength is key to being confidence in any situation.

Here are quite a few affirmations or mantras you can use to develop and harness your own power and confidence.  Focus on the ones that resonate the most with you, and modify as needed to fit your purpose.

affirmation for self confidence

A lesson will repeat itself until learned.

Sometimes, part of self confidence is humbling yourself and realizing your own flaws and shortcomings.  Humans will never be perfect, we are messy and make mistakes.  It is part of being a human.

But if you are facing an issue over and over again, take the time to recognize what it is trying to teach you.  And try to identify what you can do to prevent it from happening in the future. 

Reminding yourself that your are simply learning a lesson about life, instead of facing a shortcoming, allows you the grace to acknowledge your mistakes and correct them.  Without the need for guilt or negativity, you are not a flawed person, but you are a person who can err.

Nothing can go wrong if I am honest with myself.

Not only is this is an affirmation for self confidence, but it is a good every day reminder for everyone.  Staying truthful within yourself is the only way to maintain the accuracy of your inner navigation system. 

Being able to trust your instincts and understand things on a subconscious level, you must always speak the truth to yourself and others.  Lying to yourself will only ever breed problems, but all problems can be solved with honesty. 

And giving yourself the honesty that you deserve is the highest way you can honor yourself.  And showing yourself you are worthy of honor breeds more self confidence.

honest with yourself
affirmations for self confidence

I am competent and capable enough to face any challenge I come upon.

Use this affirmation whenever you are intimidated or overwhelmed by a task.  We face struggles and challenges every day.  And Reinforcing your inner strength is absolutely key to being  and successful.

Any endeavor you set upon, will be more successful if you start from a place of confidence.  Just being in the right mindset can increase your ability and skill because you are self-assured.  You are able to withstand even the worst of experiences and can come through better on the other side.

I am bold, fearless, and myself.  Always.

Embracing your inner truth and unique qualities will deepen your well of self confidence.  By finding internal acceptance and understanding you start to rely less on other’s and their opinions of you.  

Only by developing your own inner awareness and peace can you portray and outward strength and bravery.  This affirmation helps strengthen those parts of you that set you apart and make you special.  Take pride in being exactly who you are.  You are more capable and strong by being yourself and embracing your own truth.

affirmations for self confidence
Affirmations for self confidence

May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave.

This is a powerful statement for developing your inner strength and confidence.  Repeat this as much as needed in your challenging times.  You have everything you need already inside of you and this affirmation reinforces your courage and ability.

Keeping your softness in the face of hard times will foster inner peace and bravery.  Believe in your mind and your ability to solve problems and recognize patterns.  Trusting in your abilities and reinforcing them through affirmations will form the foundation of your self confidence. 

I am confidant and self-assured when I speak.

I utilize this affirmation at work all the time.  Do you ever notice that your voice breaks or warbles when you’re stress?  Yep, me too.  Especially during a confrontational or high pressure situation.

I keep this one in mind before I place a phone call, or go into a meeting. Reassuring my ability and most importantly my voice makes a huge difference and I have found this particular affirmation to be very powerful.  

Make sure to use this any time you need to speak in front of others, have to defend yourself, are facing a confrontation, or need to negotiate.  

affirmations for self confidence
Affirmations for self confidence

It is okay for me to have everything I want.

The majority of people fail to reach their dreams due to their own self-sabotage. So many believe that they are undeserving and unworthy of having a beautiful and rich life with the people and things they want.  We feel guilt on a very subconscious level. 

But that is not true and you are worthy of everything you could want and desire. Using this affirmation releases the burden of perceived selfishness and allows you the freedom to desire and feel blessed by having all of the things that you want.  

I am striving to be more me than I have ever been.

Embracing your own unique talents and desires is critical to developing your self confidence.  We are all so different and that is what makes our lives so rich.  Delving deep into your own unique interests, thoughts, traits, and desires you start to separate yourself from everyone else.  

By developing your unique set of characteristics, you become an individual.  Being true to yourself with strengthen your confidence and your knowledge of your own personality and strengths.

affirmations for self confidence
Affirmations for self confidence

I compare myself only to my higher self.

Self comparison is rampant in our generation, with special thanks to social media.  We look at everyone else’s highlight reel and compare it to our messy and complex lives.  It is so easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of comparing yourself to others and getting down on your own abilities and accomplishments. 

Use this affirmation whenever you feel the need to compare your journey or life to someone else’s.  By embracing our own brilliance we are able to transcend into our highest self.  Once you are concerned with being a better version of you, there is no need to compare yourself to someone else, since that is not who you are trying to be.

I am beautiful and smart. And that is how everyone sees me.

Repeat this affirmation to yourself every morning, before you meet new people, or any time you find yourself comparing your abilities to someone else’s.  Each and everyone of us is beautiful and talented in their own unique and special way.  We live in an abundant world and what someone else has does not take from you.

There is enough positivity and wealth to go around for everyone.  Reinforcing your inner strength and qualities will give you an extra bit of confidence.  

I am beautiful

I trust my mind, intuition, and heart to make the best choices for me, every time.

This can be a very powerful affirmation in certain situations.  If you are facing a stressful or tough decision that you are worried you could choice wrong, use this. 

Reassure your internal navigation system, and trust your ability to guide yourself through life.  You know what is right and wrong, honorable and dishonorable.  Trust that your intuition will lead you to the right place.  And either way, having confidence in choosing well, could end up being the extra support you need to be successful.