Affirmations for Women

These affirmations for women help build self esteem. Use these daily affirmations and learn to harness your personal power.

Modern society demands quite a bit from women.  We hold many roles throughout a single day.  We care for families, push ourselves in careers, take care of our health and that of our loved ones, clean our homes, and commit to being better than we were yesterday.  And it can be absolutely overwhelming at times.  

We are the result of the push towards Feminism from the 1970s.  Women were finally able to have the family and the career.  But our generation has quickly realized that having both a well-cared for family and a successful career is the quickest way to burn out.  Especially those who work in service or care-taking based professions, where the emotional demands are even higher.

Many women have felt the shame of not being able to balance the two demands, well many, many demands.  We compare ourselves every day to celebrities who are magically able to look good, get everything done, and still have time for themselves.  But it is a false narrative.  They have crews of people helping them attain this impossible level of perfection.

Women’s Self Esteem

We do not have the benefit of personal trainers, nannies, managers, chefs, drivers, personal shoppers, and assistants.  All those jobs fall to our shoulders, and the higher our standard, the harder we push ourselves.  So it is so important to learn to take a step back and remember our softness and gentle side.  

Women are built to nurture and cultivate, and that is how we ourselves are refueled.  Take the time to curate your feminity and gentle spirit, and watch it create a deep sense of self confidence and personal power.  You can harness this and become a stronger, calmer, and more capable person in your life.

Using affirmations can be key to maintaining your inner peace and calm.  We must be all things, all at once, without losing our uniquely feminine grace.   Here are 7 affirmations that you can use in your times of strife.  

Staying rooted in your feminine strength and fortitude make you stronger, and affirmations will only help.  If you are new to affirmations check out What is an Affirmation? And if you’re not sure how to use an affirmation, I suggest How Do I Use an Affirmation?

I am a gentle spirit & a relentless force.

Being a woman is an art.  We must walk the tight-rope of strength and fragility.  Use this affirmation as a reminder of the balance you need to achieve.

As women we are bombarded with so much sadness, frustration, and strife.  We naturally become sounding blocks for those that we love, and tend to take their struggles on as our own.  

Try not to let the despair of life overtake your softness and harden your gentle spirit.  I like to use this affirmation as often as possible because it really hi-lights the beautiful duality of the divine feminine spirit.

affirmations for women
affirmations for women

I embrace the fragility of femininity.

It is common now to hear that women are just as strong as men.  And that is true to an extent.  But it also doesn’t have to be true in every situation.  We are the ones that make “strength” the honorable characteristic and weakness as the immoral characteristic.  

But that is far too simplistic for our world.  We are the “weaker” sex, but that is not a bad thing.  The word weaker is not the best term either, I prefer “fragile.”  We are naturally more exposed (think child birth) and susceptible to violence and danger by the way we are designed.  

I find strength in my softness.

By embracing and owning our fragility and delicate nature we can finally see its beauty.  There is no need to prove ourselves as equal to men, when we are completely different and unique.

I know that one of my super powers is caring about those that I love, and I am sure you are probably the same.  This affirmation is great at reminding you to take pride in your soft spirit and your gentle disposition.  

There is no need to harden yourself and put up a front, that will make you weaker.  Instead, lean into your softness and find your own inner strength.

affirmations for women

I trust my soul’s intuition.

Women are magical.  Our divine feminity gives us the power to access our deepest wisdom and intuition.  But early on we are taught to ignore these feelings for the benefit of the adults around us.  

As we grow and mature we lose the ability to touch and read our natural intuition and end up making bad decisions and losing our life path.  It is so important to remind yourself that your soul knows what it needs and want.

You are able to read energies on a different level and you should always trust your own body and it’s internal wisdom when it comes to gut feelings and your personal intuition.

I am fierce & feminine.

One of the most beautiful and intricate things about the divine feminine spirit is it’s balance and duality.  We are both, we are the mother and the child, the lover and the wife, and the strength and the caring.

Use this affirmation to harness your internal duality and reinforce the strength that comes from having the balance of both femininity and fierce strength.  

You do not need to sacrifice your soft and loving nature in order to be strong in certain circumstances.  Women can enforce and hold boundaries while still lending a caring and thoughtful hand.

affirmations for women
affirmations for women

I am worth of the good in the world.

Women suffer constantly from a lack of self esteem stemming from a lack of self worth.  We do not value our contributions to the world and the lives of those we love.  Women constantly forget the effort and care that we devote to those around us.  

It is so important to remind yourlse fthat you are deserving of everythin good this world has to offer.  Not because you are a hard worker, or you sacrifice for others.  But you deserve it simply because you are good caring and loving person.  

Silent courage, roaring spirit.

Sometimes, the shortest affirmations are the most powerful reminders.  I love this affirmation for almost every challenging situation I face in my life.  From work situations that require me to stand up for myself and my opinion, to challenging myself on my bicycle to take more risks. 

It is an amazing reminder that you have a deep and quiet power that can be tapped into at anytime.  You don’t have to prove yourself to everyone in every situation.  Instead find peace and contentment in the silent knowledge that you have a deep well of courage to draw from whenever you are facing a trying time or challenge.