Affirmations for Abundance

Affirmations for abundance create a mindset of gratitude that attracts more wealth and abundance to your life.  Maintaining this state can be a challenge in current society, but these affirmations can pull you back to a place of positivity.

The human mind is powerful enough to either create or prevent abundance from flowing into their life.  Our mindset perpetuates the life we live by coloring the choices we make the actions we take.  Therefore keeping our mindset focused on abundance is the only way to ensure that we welcome more prosperity and positivity into our life.

Check out our post about what an abundance mindset is and how you can change your own mindset and welcome wealth into your life.   But below you will find my favorite affirmations for abundance and prosperity.  Release your subconscious fears, worries, and doubts surrounding money and wealth and replace them with thoughts of positivity and self worth.

affirmations for abundance

I heard this amazing affirmation years ago and it has always stuck with me.  The last phrase confirming things “are already on their way” provides a visceral sense of relief.  

This affirmation has provided me with calm confidence on so many occasions and I still recall it frequently.  So many times we get lost in the comparison game or not measuring up to our own expectations.  

And those moments need some perspective, because something good is always on its way to us.  We can’t get lost in the negative mindset and perpetuate our life into it if we remember something good is always around the corner.

One of the most common blocks preventing the flow of abundance is self worth.  So many think they are unworthy of having the things they want.  

They were told long ago that sacrifice and martyrdom are the only honorable things and that this world is a scarce one.  But that is far from the truth.  

There is endless abundance that you just have to reach out and touch to receive.  You can start by believing you are worthy of and attract this endless abundance into your life, like a magnet.

affirmations for abundance
affirmations for abundance

Humans always think we know everything, to our own detriment.  Many rarely fathom that there are means, methods, and options outside of those that they are familiar with.  

But some of the most successful choices have been made without the next step being known.  But rather, knowing that it will become illuminated as they get closer.  There are literally infinite possibilities in this world.  

Something that can be scary, but also liberating.  For just as many terrible things can happen, wonderful and unfathomably fantastic things can happen.  Release the need for a clear path and believe that infinite options will be presented to you as you advance.

This affirmation is a more developed form of the earlier one and incorporates gratitude.  Gratitude attracts and magnifies abundance.  The more grateful we are, the more we see the blessings all around us and the more those blessings grow.  

Use this affirmation as a reminder that abundance only grows where gratitude flows.  You cannot need or want, or feel jealous or lacking.  Per the Law of Attraction, you will attract more need and scarcity.  

Instead focus on the beauty and plenty already in your life.  Take good care of those you love and the things you love and watch them grow.

affirmations for abundance
affirmations for abundance

If there are two things I am always worried about or short on, its time and money.  So I created this affirmation several years back (I believe in traffic lol) to calm my anxieties.  

It’s short, simple, and to the point.  Nice for repeating to yourself when you need to calm down in a moment of stress.  Perpetuating that need isn’t going to help, so I use this affirmation to turn the tables on my worries.

Consistently reaffirming that I have plenty of what I need keeps me focused on my blessings and grateful for what I have.

Money is a symbol of abundance and in our society is nearly mandatory to use.  It does not have to be associated with negativity, instead think of it as a means to the life you deserve.

It is not selfish for you to have the things that you desire because you are worthy of that, just like everyone else.  And you are worthy of having the money to meet all of those needs and wants.

Our society teaches us otherwise, that we must suffer and sacrifice.  But this affirmation replaces that thought with one of self worth and value.

affirmations for abundance

The imagery of this affirmation makes it particularly strong.  Not only can you picture a “grateful heart” but you can feel it in yourself.  My soul lights up when I hear this affirmation, and my heart recognizes the words.  

And then to remember that it is the way to abundance because of the infinite love and appreciation we have to share.  We are the only thing holding ourselves back from sharing in prosperity.

And opening our hearts to gratitude creates a powerful draw towards abundance and everything we desire.

Affirmations work best when they are specific and to the point.  This affirmation is one of those, that directs postivity towards one intention and can be used to pin point blockages or doubts towards abundance.

Many feel stuck when it comes to their careers and advancement.  Completely forgetting that they are so many ways outside of work that they can increase their income.  

Simply making this statement can open up a whole new world to abundance that many have never even thought of.  Affirm to yourself that your income is constantly increasing and watch it grow.

This is another affirmation that addresses a specific intention but also uses imagery to increase its force.  Money flows abundantly all throughout the world.  But many associate negativity, doubt, and fear with money and subconsciously block it from their life.  

Release the dam and call the flow of money back into your life with this affirmation.  Confirm that abundance is welcome and flows easily into your life.  

You have no fears or doubts that it is what you want and deserve.  And there is no one else preventing it from flowing to your door.

This is the original abundance affirmation I first heard in The Secret.  It is the most powerful affirmation I have ever used and continue to use it to this day.  Honestly, it is probably the one I have used the most, and think the majority of its strength comes from the fact that I 100% believe it is true.

We are always told that “money doesn’t grow on trees.”  You must work hard and sacrifice your time in order to be “worthy” of receiving money.  But you don’t have to live by that rule any longer.  You can believe the opposite, that money comes easy and frequently into your life.  And money will start to flow, trust me. 

Building or Maintaining an abundance mindset can be hard in the age of social media.  We are constantly shown everything we could have, could be, could need all day, every day.  

It is so important to remember that you do not always need to consume.  Or need to purchase new and novel possessions or things.  Most of us have enough of everything we could possibly need already. 

And taking care of and honoring those possessions would be a far better service, than consuming more items.  Items that will potentially create more clutter, waste, and ultimately perpetuate a need for more.

Simple “I am” statements are always so powerful and profound.  I love this one because of its simple but broad message.  

Acknolwedging and calling forth a life of abundance is a challenge at times.  Many don’t have the money, time, or access they need to make their dreams come true.  But believing it is possible is the first step to making it happen.

I have never been successful, unless I’ve believed I was going to be.  Start believing in the potential of your life and recognizing the blessings you already have, because you live an abundant life.

Maintaining an abundance mindset is also about remembering we are part of a whole, collective system.  One where abundance, wealth, and positivity flow to us, through us, and around us.  We are merely a link in a chain or flow of money and abundance.  

Greed will halt that flow and cause us to lose our connection with abundance.  It perpetuates need, lack, and a scarcity mindset.  But generosity keeps us in the flow and ensures that the money and abundance around us is creating and drawing in more and more.

Remember that you are constantly surrounded by happiness, altruism, generosity, wealth, and abundance.  You have the power to give and to receive.

I hope you’ve found a few affirmations to incorporate into your day.  Consistently living in abundance can be a challenge when we are still facing lack and need in our present, but keeping faith that we are in the flow of abundance and part of a generous universe will give us the belief we need to receive.  

Make sure to tailor these affirmations to your specific intentions, issues, and blocks to build and maintain an abundance mindset.