Affirmations for Wealth

There are specific affirmations for wealth that can change your life.  Learning to shift your mindset towards money and wealth allows abundance to flow into your life.

You can absolutely change the trajectory of your life with affirmations.  Many people are raised with very negative opinions towards wealth and having money.  They are taught that money only comes from hard work and sacrifice.  Not only that, but many even believe that being rich is a bad thing or that rich people are bad and manipulative.  The worst part is that these thoughts and opinions are usually embedded deep in your subconscious.

Changing your mindset

You might not even realize you have these feelings of anger and frustration towards wealth.  Instead you say you would love to be rich, and want to have money.  

But if you continue to allow those negative subconscious beliefs to affect your actions, habits, and mindset you will never see wealth.  

But do not fear, changing these subconscious beliefs is easier than you think.  All you have to do is allow yourself to see the beauty, power, and safety that money can bring you.  It can be a positive source of massive potential in your life. 

You can use money to create the life of your dreams, and improve the lives of those you love.  If you are new to affirmations check out What is an Affirmation? and if you’re not sure how to use them, start with How Do I Use an Affirmation?

Affirmations for Abundance

affirmations for wealth

Many times we get stuck in ruts when it comes to our finances.  We are convinced money only comes from certain places at certain times.  This completely closes us off to unique, different, or surprising streams of income or money.

Remind yourself that your wealth is always growing.  Use this affirmation to instill the subconcious idea of growth and expansion for your life and your wealth.  Visualize and expand your money in your mind.  Remember that it is growing every second of the day, effortlessly.  

If you are struggling with your finances, odds are you worrying about it a lot.  You are thinking about how you need more money, don’t have enough money, and just have a stressful mindset towards money in general.  Use this affirmation to correct that habit.

You can slowly start to breakdown the stress and worry towards money and wealth.  It may sound simple and trite, but repeating this affirmation, especially when you are dwelling on your finances or lack there of.  

affirmations for wealth
affirmations for wealth

Keeping your mindset open is absolutely key to transforming your relationships with money and wealth.  Most of us have subconscious blocks that limit the flow of abundance and cut us off.  

Stop letting your mindset hinder this flow of wealth.  Use this affirmation to break those blocks down and remind yourself that you are in the flow of abundance.  It is not instant or constant, but reinforcing the idea that you are part of an infinite circle of money flowing in, out, and around you.

So many people have subconcious beliefs about rich people.  They think they are manipulative, selfish, and ultimately bad people.  There are bad people who are rich and people who lie and cheat to get there, but that is not the case for everyone.

There are many amazing wealthy people who use their financial freedom to support and help others.  Most of the richest people in the world are the biggest philanthropists. 

Clear out your negative beliefs towards wealth and use this affirmation to strengthen your positive mindset.  Believe that being wealthy is good and you can still be a good person and have all the money you need.

affirmations for wealth

Learn to embrace the mindset of abundance.  Celebrate and reinforce this feeling in your life as much as possible.  Even if it may not feel like you have a lot of money and a lot to be thankful for, you absolutely do.  

Taking the time to expand your mindset towards the wealth you already have will completely radicalize the way you perceive your money.  

Any time a limiting or negative thought about your finances enters your mind, counter it with this easy affirmation.

Money does not have to be hard, difficult, or illusive.  In fact, money can come from inifinite sources in infinite ways.  It may be simple, easy, and quick, instead of what you usually think of.

Remind yourself that you have the ability to make easy money, and that making more money does not have to hard or strenous.  Open yourself to the possibility that money can flow into your life without you having to force it.

Including the word easy helps breakdown those subconcious and limiting beliefs that you are unworthy of money.  Or that it requires huge sacrifice and time.

Change your subconscious beliefs.

In order to be wealthy, you must change your subconscious beliefs towards wealth.  And ensure that you are not preventing or inhibiting abundance to flow to you.  Most people are raised with very negative or strict beliefs towards money.  You were told early on that money only comes through hard work and it is not easy to obtain.  That is wrong, and you need to realize that as quickly as possible.  

Money can come from simple and easy sources.  It can flow into your life and bless you in so many ways.  You want to be wealthy, and have as much money as you need.  Believe that money can bring you positivity and safety.  And as soon as you make this shift, money and abundance will easily flow into your life.  Use these affirmations to shift your mindset towards wealth and become wealthy.