Meaning of an Abundance Mindset

Learn the meaning of an abundance mindset and start using it in your relationships, career, and health.  An abundance mindset will improve your life and the way you live your life.  You have the power to change your life, by changing the way you see the world.  

Simply put, an Abundance Mindset focuses on what you have instead of what you don’t have.  We spend a lot of our lives thinking about things we don’t have, or things that we need, or things that we want.  And we completely forget about all the amazing things we already have right in front of us.  

An Abundance Mindset can change your life.  You can learn to see the world in a way that reveals opportunities and happiness that you didn’t know existed.  

Learning to cultivate a mindset of abundance is firmly rooted in gratitude.  The more you are grateful for you current life and what you have, the happier and more fulfilled you feel.

I have enough.

There is an interesting human phenomenon with the concept of “enough.”  Humans are constantly seeking security by amassing more resources (or money, cars, gadgets, etc.).  We believe that we need more, and only then will we be happy.  

I’m sure there’s some point in time, where you’ve said to yourself, “if only I had [fill in the blank], then I would be happy and satisfied.”  But the interesting fact, is once you achieve that level of “more,” after a bit you would return to that original feeling and once again want “more.”

meaning abundance mindset

There will never be “enough” if you want “more.”  Instead of seeking more for the sake of having more, learn to embrace the things you do have in your life and realize that they are “enough.”  You’ll be surprised how much stress this can lift off your shoulders.

Scarcity Mindset.

A lot of our society is built around the concept of “win-lose.”  In each situation or interaction, there is a winner who gets and a loser who does not.  We learn this young.  For example, there is only one toy, and you either get to play with it or you don’t.  

We take this simplistic mindset into our adulthood and start applying it universally to all situations.  Regardless of whether those situations truly are zero-sum.  

This is the cause of a lot of jealousy.  If we see someone with a nice car we immediately think, if they have it, then we can’t.  But in reality there are plenty of BMWs to go around.  

A lot of our life does not have to be win-lose, but that is the lens that we see it through.  And because of this jealous, zero-sum mindset we create scarcity.  This scarcity mindset tells us that because that the world is finite, and everything in the world is limited.  If someone else has it, that means you can’t, because there is not enough to go around.  But this is absolutely not the case.  We live in a world of infinite possibilities and abundance.

Negativity Bias.

Humans have a natural tendency to focus on the negative and forget the positive, referred to as the Negativity Bias.  We are more significantly affected by tragedy and trauma than we are by successes and wins. And we are more likely to remember the negative than the positive experiences.

Unfortunately, this keeps us in the scarcity mindset or negative mindset. Remembering and focusing on the things you’ve lost, don’t have, or suffered through. 

Instead of remembering about all the wonderful things you do have, and all the amazing experiences you have survived through. Instead of looking at our strength and success, we focus on the things that did not work out.

Benefits of Abundance Mindset.

By learning to embrace infinite possibility you will quickly realize that there is always plenty and always enough.  In fact, you already have everything you need in your life.  It becomes much easier to lean towards the positive and happy experiences when you start to look for the good things.

We are more likely to remember bad things so we have to make an actual effort to remember and cultivate good things.  It will also become much easier to be proactive instead of reactive with things in your life.  An abundance mindset can also have great benefits for your relationships, especially if you are seeking a partner.  We see love as a zero-sum game, when in reality there are so many beautiful and loving souls in the world.  And the mentality that “all the good ones are taken” is scarcity mindset.  Leave that behind and embrace the possibility and depth of the human race.  There are 8 billion people on this planet.  There are plenty of lovers, partners, friends, and customers to go around.

meaning abundance mindset

And because we are in a constant state of change, you can learn to embrace the growth and beauty that it brings.  You become far more pragmatic and in your problem solving because you can focus on the things that are possible instead of what can’t happen.  

Opportunities will start to reveal themselves at every turn.  When you focus on the options and available paths to you, they start to multiply.  

And this breeds personal worth and value.  You learn that your security depends on your ability to embrace and remember the good things that happen.  

Abundance makes you feel more secure which makes you more comfortable giving and sharing with those around you.  Imagine how relaxed you could be if you trusted that there will always be enough.

Benefits of an Abundance Mindset.

Maintaining an abundance mindset takes practice.  Let’s start with the things to avoid.  You probably have a lot of self talk that revolves around lack, jealousy, and scarcity.  And you may find yourself comparing your life with those around you.  As soon as you realize this negative self talk, counter it with an affirmation from the list below.  As you consistently start to break that thought pattern, your brain will rewire itself.  And it will become easier and easier to focus on the positive.  

Another thought to avoid is the victim mentality.  Life can be harsh and unfair.  But it is so important to remember that you still have control over yourself and how you respond.  You may not choose the hand you’re dealt, but you get the option of how to play it. 

Stop looking at things as finite or limited.  Sales people use this as a tactic to get you to buy things right then.  They make you think there are only a few, when in reality, there is plenty of everything to go around.  

If you toss the zero-sum paradigm you will quickly realize the abundance all around you.  Instead of seeing the car you want and being jealous, be excited that someone could have that car, and that someone could be you one day.  

Instead of focusing on the short term which cultivates comparison and jealousy, invest in your long term and future.  You have the power to create change in your life.  Try to avoid complaining, and for each criticism, think of one thing to be grateful for.

meaning abundance mindset

If you’re looking for more information on how to build and adopt and abundance mindset, check out our post Build and Abundance Mindset.  It has a lot of simple and easy techniques and exercises to change your mind.