How to use an Affirmation?

The answer is really up to you!  Affirmations only work if you use them at the right time and with the right mindset.  They are not a magic spell, but instead a tool to use.  And everyone is unique.  Something that is powerful for you, may not be for someone else.  It is so important to tailor your affirmations for your specific purpose.

Note: If you’re new to affirmations and don’t know what they are, start here.

Feel and believe your affirmation.

Ultimately the success of these statements can be found in when they are implemented and how they are used.  It is so important to use the right affirmation for the right emotion at the right time.

First start with your intention.  Are you trying to calm yourself in a tense situation?  Are you trying to prevent a bad behavior? Or are you trying to reach a specific goal or achievement?  Each one of these scenarios requires a different type of affirmation.

The first situation would call for a short and concise reminder of your strength, something like, “I am confident and clear when I speak.”  

The second situation may need something more targeted that will remind you of your intentions.  For example, if you’re trying to quit smoking, “I choose my health and longevity,” repeated when you are most tempted.  

And the final situation requires something more elaborate.  One of my personal goals is to make more friends [No one talks about how hard this is as an adult!], so lately I have implemented, “I am open to meeting and making new friends everyday.  I am surrounded by thoughtful and caring people.”  Not only have I clearly stated my desired behavior but I have specified those I want to be surrounded by. 

Something like this can be so powerful if you are able to really believe and invest in your affirmation.  The key to all of these situations is whether you are able to summon the visceral response to these statements.  If you utilize your affirmation with true conviction and believe its truth, it can be a very powerful tool.

As many ways as possible.

The actual practice of incorporating affirmations into your daily life is also highly unique.  I have compiled a list of common methods, but encourage you to try as many methods as possible.  And even come up with some of your own before setting on your favorites.  You will be surprised how certain techniques may give you specifically a more meditative state.  

1. Write your affirmation 5-10 times in a note book each day. 

I will choose 4-5 affirmations and then write then 5-10 times each.  I enjoy putting pen to paper and watching the letters form on the paper.  Personally, this is my favorite method as I have always connected most with writing.  It also gives me the time to really think and ponder about the words and affirmations I am using.  You can do this at the beginning of your day, or at the end, or even split them up.  

2. Post them around you

Some people slip affirmations of abundance in their wallets so that they can remember they’re paying.  Others will write them on notes and leave them visibly around you.  You could even leave yourself hidden affirmations to find later.

3. Repeat your affirmation out loud.

Speaking your affirmation is a great way to make it more meaningful and personally effective.  Say your affirmations out loud to yourself in the mirror every morning and at night.  You can repeat this through out the day.  If you’re facing a stressful time, greeting yourself and reassuring yourself positively in the mirror can help you calm down.  

Even just whispering a short affirmation to yourself under your breath can help you find deep strength or confidence in tough situations.  I also recommend pairing this with deep breathing in stressful times. 

4. Alarm or calendar reminders.

You can set an alarm in your phone or a calendar reminder at specific times through out the day that you know you will need reminders.  You can also use it as your wake up alarm to start your day in the right mindset or in the evening to remind you to relax. 

5. Meditate on your affirmation.

If you practice meditation, you can easily incorporate specific affirmations into your practice.  I like to to write or say my mantra several times prior to starting meditation.  And then allow my mind to wander on the subject as I relax and breathe.  Occasionally I will stumble upon roadblocks or solutions that further my cause.  Other times you can focus solely on your affirmation while you meditate to really allow it to sink in and feel the relief, calm, achievement, or success that you are trying to achieve.

6. Combat self talk

Prepare affirmations for times when you feel vulnerable, exposed, or uncomfortable.  Try to focus on statements that reinforce your confidence and internal power.  You can also have statements prepared to combat your negative self talk once you start to notice your patterns.

Repetition helps your affirmations sink in.

As you say, write, or repeat your statement you must feel as though it has already been achieved.  Feel the relief, the calm, the achievement, or the success that you are looking for.  If you can believe you can achieve.  

Use them as often as possible.  In the morning is great way to start your day to put yourself in the mindset you need, whether you be facing challenges or are trying to be grateful. 

Make sure to repeat throughout the day whenever you are inspired or in doubt.  And the key is to be consistent.  Once in a while is not going to bear you many results.  Incorporate these every single day into your habits.  

Over time it will become easier and easier to remain in a positive realm and combat any negative self talk that creeps back in.  It will become autopilot and you will barely have to go out of your way to affirm your self and stay positive.

Create a ritual that incorporates your affirmation.

Over the long run it really makes a difference if you can consistently incorporate your affirmations in your daily life.  Creating a ritual or blending your affirmation into an existing ritual is a great way to make this an easy transition.

An easy way to do this is to repeat your affirmations on the way to work in the morning.  Not only will you enter work with a positive and relaxed mindset, but you will remember to do this every time you are on your way to the office.  Over time, you will build a connection between going to work and a positive mindset.

Using a ritual to pair with your affirmations also gives you the time and space to really ponder and consider your affirmations as you say or write them.  Don’t rush through, take your time.  Having a reason to slow down makes all the difference in effectiveness.

Rituals are something we do every day without fail, meaning that you will use your affirmation every day without fail.  It is that simple, and so very important.  The more you use an affirmation, the more you become that persona and the sooner you can manifest your dreams and change your habits.