Parasites in Humans

I know, it’s an uncomfortable topic, and an even more uncomfortable thought: there are parasites in humans.  You could have parasites, and unfortunately, odds are that you do.

As always, none of the information in this article is meant to diagnose any condition or prescribe any treatment.  Please consult your healthcare provider prior to embarking on any cleanses or starting any supplement regimes.

Parasites are currently a silent epidemic.  Silent for many reasons.

Things like taboo, lack of medical research and pharmaceutical products, and the parasites themselves hide their destruction.  But we still feel the effects of their presence.  

You most likely have parasites.  Especially if you experience persistent digestive issues, teeth grinding, or even brain fog, you may have parasites.  There are just so incredibly common and may be the cause for symptoms that seem to have no root cause.

Reason #1


We, as Americans, just don’t want to admit that we may be infested with worms.  We are more than comfortable deworming or dogs and cats frequently, but the thought that we could need the same treatment is horrifying.  

Most would rather turn a blind eye and claim that those are the problems of Third World Countries.  Countries that don’t have modernized plumbing, clean water, and manicured streets.

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But that is just not the truth.  We can acquire parasites ANYWHERE.  Even from those cute little pets we so readily de-worm.  We’re well aware of our pet’s parasitic infestations and totally comfortable with the thought of “de-worming” them. 

They can just as easily pass a parasite to us as they can to our pets and from our pets to us!  That’s right, parasites don’t just come for poor quality water.  They can transmit through bare feet (especially in warm tropical environments), from raw seafood (think sushi), and many other ways.

Just because we live in a sanitary First World Environment doesn’t mean we are safe or immune from parasites.  We are even more at risk because we do not take normal precautions or practice regular deworming protocols.  There are ancient cultures, and cultures currently around the world that understand the importance of regularly cleansing parasites, but Americans have lost our way.

Reason #2 

Doctors and the allopathic medical community have very little they can do when it comes to eliminating parasites.  In fact, there aren’t even really scientific tests they can perform to verify the existence of parasites in a body. 

Stool tests, DNA tests, and other methods usually fail to produce results of parasites (even when the parasite has been inserted into the stool test). 

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Therefore medical doctors are very reluctant to even admit to the prevalence of parasites let alone the incredible harm they can do throughout our entire system.  When they do come to terms with a parasitic infection, their only offering is a pharmaceutical.  

One that usually does more harm to the patient than the parasites themselves.  Ultimately, if you suspect a parasitic infection, you must find a holistic practitioner, as an allopathic practitioner will not have many answers for you.

parasites in humans

Reason #3

Parasites are very intelligent and sneaky.  They are referred to as a “stealth infection” for a reason.  They are able to hide intracellularly, places where a lot of our herbal supplements and pharmaceuticals cannot reach.  

They are able to lie dormant for long periods of time (like after you finish your parasite cleanse).  They reproduce at shocking rates and can lay potentially millions of eggs over their lifetimes. 

And to top it all off, they have developed a cloaking mechanism.  I’m serious, they are able to cloak themselves in “biofilm.”  A sticky substance made of organic compounds in your body.  By using this “cloaking device” your immune system will not recognize them for the invader they are.  This high-tech biofilm makes them nearly impossible to eradicate.

Reason #4

Parasites rarely are the only issue.  In fact parasites absorb heavy metals, viruses, and mold among other nasty things that we don’t want in our bodies.  

But instead of eliminating these through our stool and sweat, the parasites hold them.  You can see how the build up of these little bugs, plus their contents would be the perfect breeding ground for chronic illness.

Therefore, parasites are usually a tandem infection seen alongside Lyme disease, mold, hormone dysregulation, and a whole laundry list of chronic illness.  

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There is even some early research that suggests several strains of cancer may be caused or related to parasitic infections.  So, clearly we need to come to terms with the fact that parasites are a regular part of our health and wellness.  And making sure that we are free from these pesky bugs can lead to massive health benefits. 

Luckily, there are ways to remove them safely and at home.  There are several protocols that I discuss in this article.  But please take a word of caution, detoxing parasites can be very dangerous, should be done under the watchful eye of a healthcare provider, and should be done as slow as possible.