Fix Your Relationship

A loving relationship can be one of the greatest challenges we undertake in our lives.  And sometimes, we can get tragically derailed from our goals.  But there are a few keys to fix your relationship and get it back on track.   Relationships are hard work.  They require constant care and effort.  But a lot of …

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overcome loneliness

Overcome Loneliness

Loneliness is a huge issue for a lot of people, not just due to the current lockdowns with COVID-19.  For many loneliness, has been a constant in their life since childhood.  Learn how to overcome loneliness with a simple realization. I am an only child, and grew up in a very quiet home.  My parents …

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Odds are, stress is the underlying cause of most of your issues.  From disease, illness, fatigue, and general lack of fulfillment, stress is probably the cause.  It’s insidious effects can span everything from the quality of your sleep, the muscle growth, your weight loss, and even the way you think and react throughout your day. …

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build a morning ritual

Build a Morning Ritual

Morning rituals have become all the rage.  But you don’t need a super elaborate 2 hour routine to reap the positive benefits of a morning ritual. Morning rituals have become are suddenly trendy.  Every CEO from Zuckerberg to Sandberg’s 2 hour morning ritual is listed in detail on the cover of magazines, in blogs, and …

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how to support police

How Can I Support the Police?

Police Officers and Law Enforcement are the front-line defenders of our communities. The majority of Americans live in relative peace, going about their daily business with little thought of law and order, criminality, or threats to our livelihoods. But that doesn’t mean those threats are gone, in fact, they are alive and well in every …

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raise your frequency & strengthen your aura

Raise your Frequency & Strengthen your Aura

Improving your well being and underlying happiness lies in your ability to raise your frequency and strengthen your aura. It goes by many names: aura, vibration, energy, frequency, vibes, chi, and many more. But these all refer to the same thing, your personal output. That’s right, humans are electromagnetic creatures. We know this because we …

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How to Start Intuitive Eating & Tips

Learn how to start intuitive eating with these basic principles and easy tips to start incorporating into your lifestyle immediately. The main principle of intuitive eating, is being mindful.  You should be mindful when you are eating, mindful with your choices, and mindful of when you are and are not hungry. For many this is …

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Causes of constipation

Causes of Constipation

There are so many causes of constipation.  And more and more people are starting to suffer from chronic constipation.  Learn the common causes and what you can do to keep yourself regular. Everyone has been constipated at one point in there life.  Constipation is defined by 3 or less bowel movements per week, and usually …

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Stay Positive in Quarantine

It is so important to stay positive in quarantine.  Our duty is to stay isolated and at home, and for some this can be very hard and triggering. Quarantine causes feelings of abandonment, fear, isolation, worry, and dread.  Those who suffer from mental health issues are at extreme risk to be effected by the current …

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Relieve bloating and pressure now

Relieve Bloating and Pressure Now

Learn how to relieve bloating and pressure now.  This simple technique, used daily, can support healthy digestion, regularity, and a flat stomach.   One of the most common digestive issues is bloating, pressure, and gas. Most of our digestive system distress comes from the type of foods we eat and the amounts that we eat them …

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