Raise your Frequency & Strengthen your Aura

Improving your well being and underlying happiness lies in your ability to raise your frequency and strengthen your aura. It goes by many names: aura, vibration, energy, frequency, vibes, chi, and many more. But these all refer to the same thing, your personal output.

That’s right, humans are electromagnetic creatures. We know this because we can shock our hearts back to life. There is a form of electricity flowing through our bodies at all times. 

Which means, this charge, frequency, or energy is being output to those people and things around us. Our internal reality directly effects our external presence.But the easiest way to consider your aura or frequency is through the concept of gravity. 

When you have a high or positive vibration, you are a fountain of gravity and giving off or putting out those high vibrations. Thereby lifting everything around to you with this positive flow of energy.

raise your frequency & strengthen your aura

However, when you have a low or negative vibration or a dark aura, you are in fact a gravity sink. You pull in the energy around you, thereby depriving your environment and the people you love of that power and energy.

You can see how this can greatly effect every single aspect of your life, including your loved ones and environment. Now that we know our auras need to be strong and our vibrations high, how do we get there?

raise your frequency & strengthen your aura

Well, like most good things in life, the concept is simple, but the application will be a life long practice. There are a few easy steps to get you on your way though.

Acts of Service

The first is to live a life in service to others. Much of our world is concerned with individuality, independence, and the cult of consumerism. 

We are constantly distanced and separated from people, whether through gender, identity, religion, or personal preference we are constantly made to feel as if it is us versus them. When in reality we are all one, and all one species. Our lives are intertwined deeply with others all over the world.

Therefore, the best way to improve your frequency and strengthen your aura is to give as much of yourself to others. And you can do this in whatever way lights your passion. Start to get involved in movements that light your spirit on fire. You do not have to have money to make a difference and be in service. In fact, your time and attention is far more valuable than any other currency.

Start in your own community and look for places that could use help. Check out local shelters, soup kitchens, schools, and retirement homes. There is always someone in need of help and support. 

Do you have a talent that could benefit others? Share your skills and knowledge with them, teach free classes, offer support groups. It does not have to be huge or grand, it can be as simple as offering to mow your neighbor’s lawn or trim their trees. 

The best thing about altruism, and working in service of others, is that it makes you feel good too. Being generous with your life, is one of the best ways to relieve depression and anxiety, and find happiness. Seek that feeling out as much as possible, and watch your own life blossom in return.

Compassion, empathy, & forgiveness

Our world is not perfect, and humans are very far from perfect. There are a lot of things to hate in our world, and a lot of things that people do to inspire anger, frustration, and fear. We encounter challenges throughout every single day. And frequently but heads with our brothers and sisters on this planet.

But one of the best ways to keep your frequency high is to return to compassion, empathy, and forgiveness as quickly and often as possible. There will be things that knock you off course and throw you for a loop. 

People will upset you and cause hate. But the key is to remember that we are all one.The easiest way I have found to forgive is to picture the transgressor as a child. Remember that they started as a small innocent life, that at some point was wronged. 

And they have carried that hurt into their adulthood, only to have it afflict others. But seeing them in their original innocence, as a child that was simply shown the wrong way, takes the power from your emotions. 

It is hard to hold a grudge against a child, against an innocent. So remember that we were once clear-eyed and good intentioned. But somewhere along the way things get corrupted. Hold onto the belief that we are still those innocent children, just trying to find our way in the world. We are just trying to do what we think is right, and to keep ourselves safe. 

You can even apply this same compassion to yourself. And hold your own inner child safely near your heart. I guarantee your compassion will grow exponentially and your empathy will radiate to those around you.

Meditation or prayer

One of the best tools in your toolbox is meditation or prayer. These are basically one in the same, and I will use them interchangeably. Reconnecting to the source, both within us and in the context of our universe helps clean and refresh your aura.

We are tainted by our fear, upset, anger, and the actions of others. But when we can take a moment to ourselves, and clear our minds of the unnecessary thoughts, we can return to our place of power. We can clearly see our intentions, and let all the petty nonsense fall to the side.

Regularly taking time to meditate or pray will help you keep your eye on the prize, and stay in the flow of positive energy. You can reinforce your frequency and strengthen your aura every time you embrace your own inner self.

Eliminating fear, doubt, worry, and hate

Negative emotions block energy, dragging down your frequency, and darkening your aura. If you experience fear, doubt, worry, or hate you are limiting your access to the good and creating more negative in your life.

It is difficult to eliminate all negative emotions from your life. But through, meditation or prayer, you can become an observer of your emotions, without having to take on their energetic burden.

By remembering you are not your emotions or responses, you can simply walk away from fear or doubt. You do not have to sit in your worry or cultivate your hate. Instead, work on practicing empathy and compassion each time you face a negative emotion.

You do not have to have a perfect life to be happy. Nor do you have to stay hidden to eliminate fear. But you can learn to separate yourself and your energy from these temporary feelings. 

Once you create the habit of returning to your high frequency, it will become easier and easier to stay in a place of compassion.All of these methods when used in conjunction will increase your frequency and strengthen your aura against any negativity you may encounter. 

Do not expect results overnight, instead measure your success against your own internal calm and peace. If you are noticing less stress, less worry, and less anxiety, you are on the right path.

raise your frequency & strengthen your aura