Oregano Health Benefits

Wild oregano has countless health benefits.  In fact, it may be the holistic answer to many of your day-to-day illnesses and discomforts without having to rely on pharmaceuticals.

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Americans spend billions of dollars every year on their healthcare, and still they are suffering.  We are seeing alarming increases in infectious disease deaths.  And every year there are more and more antibiotic-resistant germs wreaking havoc on our population.

These infectious diseases have plagued humans for thousands of years.  Previously, we used holistic and natural remedies to ease our symptoms and strengthen our immune systems.  Now we rely on antibiotics and pharmaceuticals to do the job, and they can cause more harm than good.

Consequences of Antibiotics

Unfortunately, antibiotics can’t tell the difference between the good bacteria that we need and the bad bacteria that we don’t.  And because of this indiscretion, they can cause massive disruptions to our gut and microbiome.  

Don’t get me wrong, antibiotics are absolutely live-saving and a crucial treatment for some conditions.  But their effectiveness has created a twofold problem in our medical system.  

oregano health benefits

Not only are antibiotics massively over-prescribed to humans in America, but they are also used excessively on our livestock. And their overuse has lead to super-strength antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can’t be killed with even our strongest drug interventions.

Wild Oregano Oil

Prior to 1930, oregano was a staple treatment for infectious disease.  It has been revered for its medicinal uses and properties dating back to Biblical times.  It is an herb usually found growing on the sides of mountains and can be crushed and consumed on food or by itself.  

oregano health benefits

Make sure that the oregano you consume has been harvested from wild grown plants.  Any plants that are forced to survive inclement weather and inconsistent conditions have a higher density of micronutrients.  Research has shown that wild grown oregano is far more potent than that tended to by humans.

Oregano can be consumed in three forms.  The easiest on your system, and the method I prefer is crushed.  I purchase it in capsule form from North American Herb & Spice Co.  They sell the essential oil in liquid or capsule form, and also have an essence or juice that you can drink.

Be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before consuming any forms of oregano.  Make sure to address any medications you are taking to understand any possible implications.  And take it slow if you do choose to supplement with oregano.  

It is a very strong herb and starting with a very small dosage and working your way up is best practice.  It is also imperative that you purchase it from a highly reputable retailer that ensures the highest purity and quality of ingredients.  

Health Benefits of Oregano

Carvacrol is phenol that gives oregano is power and strength.  It is so potent that research has shown it to be one of the only compounds able to effectively kill the deadly bacteria MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant super germ that can run rampant through hospitals.  

The uses of oregano oil are countless.  Most specifically it can be used as a highly effective anti-septic.  It is very adept at killing microbes without causing microbial-resistance.  It can also act as an anti-inflammatory and makes a great addition to a first aid kit.  

Oregano also has anti-venom properties and is a natural anesthetic.  It is perfect for dealing with pain and cleaning any wounds, cuts, or bites.  

And it can also be utilized for chest infections and colds as it is a mucolytic and anti-tussive.  Meaning, it will help break up phlegm build-up and help suppress and coughing.  

So many rely on antibiotics in situations that don’t call for them.  Taking a regular dose of oregano in any form can keep the vast majority of infectious diseases at bay.  It is even great at killing parasites and viruses.

oregano health benefits

Oregano Oil and Fungi

The most important function of oregano oil is its ability to eradicate fungi.  Mold and fungi can destroy our environment and our bodies.  Many people don’t even realize the slow creep of a fungal-infection.  They can come in many forms that are highly invasive and persist even through intense treatment.  Once they take hold they are impossible to eliminate.

Americans suffer a particularly high rate of infection due to fungus and yeast.  Our diet high in sugar, suppressed immune systems, and lack of activity are a breeding ground for fungi.   Research has even shown that yeast would survive nuclear fallout.  But oregano is the answer.  It is one of the most effective compounds to stop and destroy yeast and fungi.

I highly recommend Dr. Cass Ingram’s handbook, The Cure is in the Cupboard, for more information about the amazing abilities of oregano.  Check out this link for a quick review of this great book.

Everyday uses for Oregano Oil

I like to take a moderate dose of raw wild oregano everyday.  And will increase it during flu season or if I’m not feeling well.  You can even break open the capsules and use the raw herb to add to food, especially when dining out.   

It is very effective at preventing any nasty bacteria that may of occurred through poor food handling.  If you are in doubt, you can even wash produce in a diluted mixture of the essential oil.

Oregano oil makes a great addition to natural cleaning products.  You can use it in your bathroom, shower, and kitchen to kill any bacteria or fungus that make try to take up residence.  

Vaporizing the essential oil is a great way to keep the air in your home clean and pure, especially during winter.  Making oregano part of your daily routine will help support your immune system and keep you and your environment health and clean.