You know how to be healthy

You already know how to be healthy.

How to be healthy is not a mystery.  The majority of how to live healthy and fit is actually just common sense. You know what to do, don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Every time I hear a new health or fitness tip, it always sounds like those things your mom used …

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be active at your desk job

How to be active at a desk job.

It is so hard to be active at a desk job.  Sedentary lifestyles come with a plethora of health risks, but so many of us work in offices that don’t offer the opportunity for activity throughout the day. Please note, this post contains Amazon Affiliate links that generate revenue for the site at no additional …

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before losing 50 pounds

Before losing 50 pounds.

Before losing 50 pounds…Don’t make the same mistakes I did!  Here are the 10 things I wish I knew before losing 50 pounds. I began my weight loss journey with basically zero knowledge of what I needed to do or what I could expect. All I knew was I wanted to be in shape in …

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gym break up letter

A Break-Up Letter to My Gym.

It’s official, here’s my gym break up letter.  Here is my line in the sand.  Starting today I am intentionally setting out to find exercise, movement, and activity that I enjoy whole-heartedly. You’re probably the same as me.  You think, “Man I’ve been sitting on this couch for three days straight, I should probably exercise.”  …

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