research-based workout motivation

Research-Based Workout Motivation

Learn these simple, research-based guidelines for workout motivation.  Ogie Shaw discusses the simple principles behind physical fitness and how to win the war against your mind. I would argue that this time of year is when most people are focusing on their health.  For better or for worse.  The gyms are usually packed and everyone …

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The Starvation Mode Myth.

Truth: Starvation Mode is a myth.  But there is a lot of nuance to understanding your metabolism, and specifically how weight loss can change and affect it. I’m sure you’ve heard all sorts of scary things about calorie deficits causing “starvation mode” or “metabolic damage.”  Lately, some people have latched onto this concept and use …

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sodium and weight gain

Sodium and weight gain.

Sodium does not make you gain weight.  So what is it and why does it have nothing to do with you being fat.  Learn why sodium is essential to your survival and a certain amount of salt is good for you. Why do all the weight loss accounts on Instagram constantly talk about sodium?  Why …

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what is a calorie

Wait, what is a calorie?

So, what is a calorie and why is it so important to lose weight?  Let’s start at the very beginning. All successful diets are based on the principle of Calories In vs Calories Out.  Yes, even if it’s keto, paleo, low carb, weight watchers, or any other method of weight loss out there. But hold …

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Misadventures in Meal Prepping

Misadventures in Meal Prepping

Welcome to my Misadventures in Meal Prepping.  After countless attempts at meal prepping I officially gave up, until I found this different technique! Please note, this post contains Amazon Affiliate links that generate revenue for the site at no additional cost to you should you utilize one of the links. When I first started my …

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