You already know how to be healthy.

How to be healthy is not a mystery.  The majority of how to live healthy and fit is actually just common sense. You know what to do, don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

Every time I hear a new health or fitness tip, it always sounds like those things your mom used to scold you with at the dinner table.  Eat your veggies.  Go to bed early.  Go outside and play.  Stop watching TV.  I know you’ve heard these dicta a thousand times, but is it really that simple?

Surprisingly, it is.  Businesses are really good at making you think it is much harder that it is to be healthy and life well.  They create a problem that must be solved by their product.  But the real secret is, everything you need to know is free and available.

“We already know all this, but we don’t know we know it.  But we imediately comprehend it when it’s articulated in a manner such as this.”
– Jordan B. Peterson

how to be healthy

I like to think at this point I have a firm grasp on how to live a healthy and fit life.  But the time and effort it took to get to this place was overwhelming when I was just starting out. 

How to be healthy:

It’s all comes down to these few daily habits:

Walking and being active.
Eating real, whole foods in correct portions.
Drinking water, sleeping well, and relaxing.
That’s it.

If you are in the same place I was, I can guarantee that you will hear things that may seem obvious or mundane.  Yet it will be worded in just the right way for it to really resonate with you.

Don’t be surprised if it takes a new approach or unique quote, comment, or suggestion for the idea to really sink in. Sometimes we just don’t really know something, until someone lays it out in front of us.  

Make sure to stay open Having a new perspective will always deepen our understanding.