Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

There are so many gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts.  Here are 12 creative and unique gifts for fitness and sports lovers.  Make your holiday shopping easier with these fun and useful gift ideas.

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Who doesn’t love giving and getting a great gift?  One that you know the recipient will actually use and love.  But many have started to resort to gift cards as an easy way to get people what they want.

Well, there’s no need to take the easy road this year!  Even for those that are difficult to shop for.  I have always found the healthiest in my life so hard to shop for and gifts for fitness related items are usually difficult to purchase for someone.  

So I compiled a list of 10 unique and different gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts.  Whether they’ve just started to get more active recently, or have been running Ironman’s their whole life, you will find something for them on this list.

gifts ideas for fitness

Fitness Trackers

Wearable activity trackers, fitness trackers, and heart rate monitors are a great fit for anyone who is interested in health and fitness.  I have had a Fitbit for over 5 years.  But I actually have used a pedometer since about 11 years old.  Not for weight loss reasons, simply because I enjoyed numbers.  

It was so fun to know how many steps I had walked or how far we had gone.  So I really love fitness and activity trackers.  

Originally, I was gifted a Fitbit Zip and fell in love with it and the app.  Since then I have upgraded to the Fitbit Alta HR and absolutely love it.  It is comfortable, slim, and I love all the different colored bands you can get to coordinate with your daily outfit.

Having a simple and easy app to save all of my health related data is so handy.  It provides easy and quick graphs to understand the information.  

And saves all of your data for years.I can go back to my original weight loss starting in 2016 and looks at statistics.  A fitness or activity tracker is a fantastic resource for your health and fitness.  

There are so many different brands and types but I have always found Fitbit to be very reliable, comfortable, and withstand daily use.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless and bluetooth headhpones are absolute game-changers when it comes to working out and being active.  No matter what your chosen activity is, these will work for you.  They are super slim and can fit comfortably under any headgear or headwear required for your sport.

I have used quite a few different headphones of varying price ranges.  But overall, the Apple headphones are worth every penny.  Their comfort, sound quality, and usability are pretty unmatched currently on the market.  

To the right are the newest design that features noise reduction.  No matter how sweaty you get these are still going to stay in place. 

Foam Roller

The little known life-saver of the fitness industry.  The whole point of working out at the gym is to tear up your muscles to rebuild them bigger and stronger.  

Ultimately, it can be a very painful process, especially for those who participate in high intensity activities on the regular basis

Foam rollers are amazing for anyone who is very active.  They are used to break up the fascia and tissues that form and harden after the gym.  Using them consistently after working out can help eliminate internal scar tissue and soft-tissue adhesion which can help reduce post-workout soreness.They come in so many different sizes and lengths, so you can find the perfect one to fit in your gym bag.

Puzzle Exercise Mat

There are so many ways to workout at home now thanks to the internet.  You can stream any style of workout class to your home TV any time any day.  So many are starting to create home gyms or even turn their living room into a fitness studio for the hour.

Here’s a great product to make that process seamless.  I love these puzzle mats.  They are completely customizable to the size and shape of your area.  They are highly durable and have a nice support to them.  They are also at a great price point to use and abuse without worrying about replacing them.

Hydration Backpack

If your are looking for a gift for an outdoor athlete, like a cyclist or runner, these backpacks are amazing.  Carrying a water bottle when you’re being active outside is usually not feasible.  Either that, or by the time you go to drink it, the water is warm

These hydration packs, not only hold 2 liters of water, but they keep it cold for up to four hours.  You can hydrate hand-free while you’re on the trail, hiking, biking, or any other activity.

Adjustable Dumbells

Anyone who works out at home knows the struggle with dumbbells.  You need so many different weights for different activities.  And as you progress and get stronger, you need a bigger set, and a bigger set.  

In come these adjustable dumbbells, an absolute money and space-saver.  You can use these same dumbbells from 5 pounds each all the way up to 52.5 pounds.  They are adjustable with 2.5 pound increments, which is perfect for slowly increasing your weight over time as you increase your strength.  

Balance Disc

This is the coolest, smallest, and most unique item on this list.  I’m sure you’ve seen different Bosu style balance balls, even balance boards.  But this balance disc is inflatable (so it can travel and fit in your gym bag), super slim, and small.  

If you’re working out at home, at the gym, or in a hotel room, you can bring and use this with ease.  Balance work is fantastic for your core and utilizes so many muscles all throughout your body.  You can use these for body weight exercises or balance activities.

Vibrating Massage Ball.

You’ve seen the foam roller, but this thing takes it to a whole new level.  Not only is it small enough to be used on individual muscles on the arms, legs, back, and neck.  But it also has several different vibration speeds to increase the relaxation.

It has a convenient and easy charging plug so you don’t have to worry about batteries.  There are several different price points and textures depending on what you’re looking for.

Stretching Bands

These are amazing for anyone, even if they aren’t super active.  These bands can be used for so many different things like stretching, plyometric exercises, and 

There are elastic ones that have stretch to them, and static ones that do not.  I recommend them both as they each have their own purpose.  They are perfect for support in deep stretches and can even be a huge help for people with low flexibility.  

Grip Trainers

If you spend any amount of time in the gym, playing sports, or outdoors you learn that your hindered by your grip strength.  A lot of times as you grow stronger your arm strength will out pace your hand.  Using these grip strengheners actually makes a difference.  This pack is perfect because it comes with a few different resistances to increase over time.  

These are illusive when you first get them, do not over do it!  I played with mine far too much the first day and my hands were in agony the next.  

Smart Scale with App

Tracking your weight daily can be an important tool to monitor and track your health.  Many keep the information like data stored in their phone.  Even I have used and app to track my weight so I can monitor and see progress on a graph.  It was amazing and very motivating. 
But the accuracy of that app was only as good as I was of recording it.  Which is actually harder than it seems.  The weighing myself every morning was no problem.  I stepped on the scale then in the shower.  But remembering to add it to the app, much harder for some reason.