Attract Luxury into your Life

Attract more luxury into your life by curating your environment, taking care of your possessions, and paying attention to the smallest details.  Start small, create habits, build up, and you will attract more and more luxuries into your life.

I know it seems like a Catch-22.  You want to manifest luxury into your life.  But you can’t do that until you feel like you’re living a luxurious life.  

This is quite the feat when you’re short on cash and worried about debt.  Or when you’re stuck in a run down living space just trying to get by, luxury seems entirely out of reach. 

How are you supposed to achieve the feeling without the unlimited funds to acquire said luxury? I know how stuck you feel.  But do not fret, luxury is far more than just expensive possessions, private jets, and perfect travel photos on Instagram.

luxury maldives

Luxury, is the lifestyle you live, not the possessions or amount of things you own.  It is not the size of your home, the value of your vehicle, or the label on your handbag.  When you live in luxury, you live a peaceful, worry-free, abundant life.  And isn’t that everyone’s goal?  

Thankfully, you can create a luxurious lifestyle, without needing too much disposable income.  And as you build a simple, but intentional, well-maintained home, and environment, you too will start to manifest abundant luxury wherever you go.

Step One: Your Environment.

Start with the basics.  The easiest way to embrace luxury is to change your physical environment.  Once again, step away from the idea that luxury is to be purchased.

Instead, take inventory of your space.  What needs to be cleaned, maintenanced, repaired, re-finished?  Part of creating a luxurious space includes streamlining and simplifying the area.  Notice that large open spaces with few items on surfaces are seen as the height of elegance.  

Declutter, donate, or sell anything that doesn’t fit.  Let in as much natural light as possible to create an open airy space.  And prioritizing small, intentional pieces of décor or size appropriate wall hangings can completely change the energy of a space.  But make sure to choose items that fit your interests and aesthetic.  

There is no reason why you cannot create the same environment for yourself, by paying attention to the fine details.  Luxury is an art, it is an expression of comfort, rest, and opulence.  Anticipate your needs and desires, plan for them in an artistic and refined way, and maintain a simple, clean, and peaceful space.  

Step Two: Care & Maintenance.

After curating your environment, start assessing ways to keep your space free of clutter and increase efficient function.  A huge key to a luxurious lifestyle comes down to caring for and upkeeping your possessions. 

By investing time in our environment and our possessions we show ourselves and the universe how grateful we are for our blessings.  It reminds us that we value the life we have and intend to maintain it well.

Don’t feel the need to slave away every night after work.  But simple 10 minute cleaning routines can make a world of difference.  Small cleaning projects throughout the week mean your space is in a consistent state of cleanliness.  Instead of feeling like you’re constantly playing catch up.

Check out the video above for short but effective cleaning routines that will keep all of your possessions and home well-maintained and cared for at all times.  

detail possessions

Step Three: Details.

Luxury comes down to details.  That’s it.  It’s not about how many or how much, but about HOW it is presented, laid out, and cared for.  The best example I can give you is a simple one, but specific: Disney, specifically Disneyland.  

Disney is a high quality entertainment company, that specializes in attention to detail.  In fact, their level of detail is their most important trait.  If you’ve had the privilege of visiting one of their parks you know that details are their key to success.  

Their staff has specific tasks they perform every day to ensure the smallest detail is attended to: down to pruning the poppies on Main Street every morning and utilizing a custom shade of green to camouflage trash cans. 

Most don’t realize the amount of care, time, and thought is invested into the movies, shows, and especially parks owned by Disney.  Down to the plants, color of the garbage cans, and height of foliage, Disney has created a manicured and curated space where your imagination runs wild.  

You can create a luxurious life today by utilizing these three simple steps.  It may not happen immediately, but you can start your journey to an abundant lifestyle.  

Remember to focus on the things you can control and practice gratitude for your current blessings every change you get.  The universe is waiting to return to you the energy you put out so focus on the abundant and peaceful life you desire.