Affirmations for Self Improvement

Affirmations for self improvement can help you achieve your goals.  If you are new to affirmations and don’t know how to use them, start here: What Is an Affirmation? or How Do I Use an Affirmation?

Humans have always sought to improve themselves and their circumstances.  It is engrained in our DNA.   But many of us have a hard time harnessing our internal power in order to make our dreams come true.

We work so hard.  Just to fall prey to our own self-sabotage.  We don’t believe in our ability, talent, skill, or self.  And in the end our fear of failure and shame shackle us to the comfortable mediocrity that most inhabit.   

honor self

If you find yourself in this scenario a lot, or even just feel less than confident in your day to day life, these affirmations can help.  

They can manifest in you a calming sense of self.  One that you can harness to build self confidence and eventually courage.

Remember these mantras in your weak moments.  Reassure yourself and remind yourself of your truth and strength.  You have the ability to survive even the toughest times and these affirmations can help.  

I honor my sense of self. 

Use this mantra when you encounter overbearing or menacing personalities.  Gentler spirits can be overpowered and easily swayed by stronger.  

Some even take on the characteristics and personality traits of the more dominant person.  If you seem to lose your sense of self when around others, try to incorporate this affirmation.

Reaffirm your own inner strength and confidence in your unique self.

I can do hard things.

This is a commonly heard and repeated affirmation that can be very powerful for people.  Try to use this any time your will or strength is challenged.

Even in small ways.  Sometimes, just getting up on time can be a “hard thing” to do.  Surviving a tough day at work, pushing through a hard workout, or staying calm in a frustrating situation are all “hard things.”


affirmations for self improvement
affirmations for self improvement

Keep this affirmation close by when you are struggling the most or facing a tough challenge.  You can reaffirm your ability to make it through anything.

Inhale courage, exhale fear.

Four simple words can completely turn a situation around.  I have personally used this mantra quite a few times.  

This affirmation has beautiful imagery.  I picture cleansing myself of fear and replacing it with bright and courageous light.  This is a perfect affirmation to leave around your office or on your phone as a reminder.

I am powerful.

The best affirmations are clear, concise, and specific.  This is one of the absolute strongest statements you can make.  Clear your path and claim your territory.

Affirming your own strength and internal power is one of the best things you can do in a hard situation.  Keep this mantra in your back pocket when you’re squaring off with intimidating people or negotiating.

affirmations for self improvement