5 Delicious 0 calorie beverages for weight loss

There are so many delicious 0 calorie beverages!  I might be in the minority, but I really only drink water, black coffee, and red wine. Unfortunately, wine is not on the list below. (Sorry for the tease!).

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Most people prefer high calorie, sugar-laden drinks like fruit juice, soda, and the most notorious offender, sweet tea. So for those just starting their weight loss journey, replacing those beverages is the first step.
But there is no reason to despair because there are so many delicious and refreshing options that don’t come with the hefty calorie count.
Here are my 5 favorite 0 calorie beverages (or basically 0 calories) that are great for weight loss.  I drink all of these every single day and as often as I want!
0 calorie beverages

1. Ice Water – 0 Calories/8fl.oz

My all time favorite beverage, that crave when I wake up and sip all day long, is water. Surprisingly, this has not always been the case. When I was a kid, I rarely drank water at all. It was a constant struggle with my mom, who has been and still is, an avid water drinker. She did everything she could: explained the importance, had our doctor talk to me, even the trainer at the gym reminded me to drink more water!
Here’s how it started: Ice water. My mom had always been pushing the water from the cooler we had (you know the one with the 5 gallon jugs). Once I tried drinking ice water, I realized how delicious water really is.
If you have a hard time drinking water, try ice water. It changes the taste and increases your enjoyment. Also, make sure that you are drinking filtered water. I have always noticed that different brands, faucets, and even cities’ water tastes different.
Surprisingly, there are even water only bars in France where they have flat, sparkling, and water with varying mineral contents. Best of all it is the healthiest thing you can drink hands down and has 0 calories.
You can also add water to lemon if you’re not a big fan of the flavor yet. Lemon is so good for you and your skin, and even adds electrolytes to your water. Yes that’s right, there is actually no reason to drink Gatorade. You can get the potassium, calcium, and magnesium just by adding a slice of lemon to your water.

2. Black Coffee – 1 Calorie/8fl.oz

I LOVE coffee. And I absolutely only drink it black (no sugar and no cream). But I definitely did not start that way!
It took me a few years of naturally weaning down the cream (never used sugar), to realize that I just really really enjoy the taste of black coffee. I think it tastes like liquid dark chocolate (another fave of mine).  And yet it is a 0 calorie beverage.
Once again, the quality really affects the flavor. So make sure you are keeping your whole beans in the freezer, grinding them fresh, and do not get the water too hot (coffee can burn, who knew!).

I also try to get a high quality, fair trade beans. I also enjoy supporting small roasting companies, like Hunter Bay linked below:

3. Iced Coffee – 1 Calorie/8fl.oz

 I know, I know, but it really is a completely different beverage from hot coffee.  To be completely honest, I love coffee so much that I will drink it at any temperature. From hot to iced, to tepid, and room temperature. I have never been one to reheat it in the microwave, just finish it off and pour another cup.
If your coffee ends up cold, don’t worry about reheating it. You can just drop some ice and hello, fresh beverage! I’ll even go back to the coffee pot and ice the remainder in the afternoon.
Make sure to brew your coffee a little stronger if you intend to ice it right away. Otherwise, I will just brew a normal pot and let it cool in a pitcher in the fridge for later.
You can also take your leftover coffee and make ice cubes! That way your iced coffee won’t get watered down. Or you can add them to a blender with chocolate protein powder and cold coffee for a delicious protein shake.

4. Iced Tea – 2 Calories/8fl.oz

Unpopular truth: Sweet tea is gross. Sorry, but not sorry. There are so many flavors of iced tea that are so delicious without sugar or sweetener.
I was converted with my absolute favorite, Paradise Tropical Iced Tea linked to the right. This is so flavorful and naturally sweet, that you don’t have to add anything to it.  It is my absolute favorite 0 calorie beverage. Trust me it is so good. This particular brand has the large pitcher size bags. I like to keep a glass pitcher in the fridge with this tea all through the summer. It is SO good!
I also enjoy adding lemon to iced black or green teas. It definitely adds a bit of sweet and sour that compliments the natural earthy flavors that most darker teas have.
Starbucks Passion tea is also a staple of mine. It doesn’t need a drop of sugar to be delicious and is my summer go-to.

5. Hot Tea – 2 Calories/8fl.oz

The most underrated beverage in the US. Seriously, how have Americans not gotten aboard the hot tea train. Even calling it hot tea is so silly, since in most parts of the world, iced tea is the novelty.
Hot tea feels so luxurious to me, even the ritual of filling the kettle, adding the tea bag, making sure it doesn’t steep to long, relaxes me just by forcing me to slow down and like the tea, melt into my surroundings.
I love electric tea kettles, because they are easy to clean and are all in one. But if I really want to treat myself, I pour the hot water into my Asian-inspired tea set and enjoy my loose leaf tea in the matching cups.
If you are not yet a fan, I encourage you try every variety you can get your hands on. A box of tea can be very expensive at the store. So I always like to try something new at a restaurant. They usually big collections of different flavors, and if I don’t like it I don’t have to finish it (or a whole box of it). Some of my favorites are: Earl Grey, Ginger, Constant Comment, and Chai.
It is so fun to be able to make your own flavors and concoctions with loose leaf tea and so many gadgets to use.  Like these super cute dinosaur tea infusers to the right.