macros for weight loss

Macros for Weight Loss

Learn how you can use macros for weight loss.  It may be a little overwhelming at first, but learning to count macros can improve your understanding of nutrition and how your body responds to it.    Does it fit your macros? What are macros? And why do they need to be counted? Let’s talk about …

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what is the subconscious mind

What is the subconscious mind?

What is the subconscious mind and how does it affect our conscious choices and decisions?  Learn how powerful your subconscious is and how it’s programming directs the trajectory of your life. Our eyes are starting to open to the reality of the subconscious mind.  And are learning how much control it has over our actions. …

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How to Start Journaling

Learning how to start journaling can seem tedious for someone who isn’t a writer.  So here are a few tips and ideas for journaling beginners to start their daily practice. What is Journaling I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of journaling at some point in your life. Whether you’ve had to do it for a class, …

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What is Diet Privilege

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. It is very trendy to call out and identify privilege. Privilege when it comes to social equity and race relations, privilege when it comes to education and socio-economic background, and privilege of those who have the luxury …

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healthy food that tastes good

Make Healthy Food that Tastes Good

Make healthy food that tastes good with these low calorie, simple, and easy additions to any recipe.  Learn how building flavor contributes to deliciousness and satiety. Most of us have a few healthy foods that we hate. And most likely, we adamantly avoid them simply because we tried them once and didn’t like them. But …

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Can you lose weight just by walking?

Yes you can! You can lose weight just by walking. There is no need to kill yourself in the gym to lose weight and see results. I’ve talked about it before, this idea that we can only count activity that is “at the gym.”  As if we can’t burn calories any where at any time.  …

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Eat or Skip Breakfast for Weight Loss

Should you eat breakfast or skip breakfast for weight loss?  Let’s look at the benefits and negatives to each, so you can make the best decision for yourself. Throughout my childhood, I adamantly avoided breakfast.  I loved breakfast food, but would not eat early in the morning. I valued my sleep far more than finding …

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List of Free Resources for Weight Loss

Here is a comprehensive list of free resources for weight loss.  You don’t have to buy a single thing (outside of groceries) to lose weight. There are so many companies out there trying to sell you weight loss.  Their pill, powder, shake, bar, or wrap is going to make the difference in your weight loss, …

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static vs dynamic stretching

Static vs Dynamic Stretching

What is better for your strength, flexibility, and mobility: Static Stretching vs Dynamic Stretching. Learn why the method you might use is outdated and doing more harm than good. Stretching is one of the first things you learn when it comes to physical fitness. We’re usually taught how to stretch in physical education in elementary …

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deal with imposter syndrome

How to deal with Imposter Syndrome

Learn how to deal with Imposter syndrome with these tips and methods.  You can overcome self-doubt and build your self worth and create confidence without yourself.  Imposter Syndrome is a chronic and crippling self-doubt.  It can hold you back from taking risks and embracing new challenges in your life.  And worst of all it can …

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